First of all, I hate to write a biography about myself but you know.
I'll give it a try anyway! I have been making music since I could see the keys on the keyboard. I actually started out
with playing Saxophone and moved to piano/synthesiser later.
I also had a little drive in show with some friends and we organised little parties for friends where I would DJ.When I finished my HAVO I studied in the United States for a year.In Plainfield, near Chicago. I met a lot of DJ's and we spun together and did some little parties.

I saw DJ's like Paul Johnson and Derrick Carter there and from that moment I knew dance music was the most
beautiful thing in the world. The real Chicago house they played was just massive! I really learned to appreciate a lot of
different music styles in that year. This is still noticeable in my sets and productions nowadays (I hope ;)).When I got back I picked up the DJ thing more and more and made more dance oriented music. I was selected for the Trance Energy Masterclass in 2006 where I met a lot of people who really helped me getting forward in the musicworld.I also did a Back2Back set with Mark Norman there. Slowly I got more and more gigs and by the end of 2007 I played in major clubs like Panama, AstA, HappyDayzz, Noa, Winkel van Sinkel, Lexion, Patronaat and I also did a gig in the
Gelredome stadium (Flockers) and Maasgebouw (FFWD Afterparty) The first record deals also came in 2007.
Currently i am the resident DJ for Brothers in Bunnik.
On Friday night March 28 the party continues on will call Miami 700 N.E 2nd Ave Miami
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