Renowned for their high production & creative values, the Bassmonkeys - aka Dale Askew, Mike Chenery and Michael Kaye - are firmly established as one of the worlds top dance/pop production teams & DJing acts.

From Norwich in the UK and Aarhus in the DK, the award winning team have dominated the club charts for the past 4 years, have worked with the creme of international vocal talent and had their music featured in TV adverts and on numerous top selling compilations the world over. Two of their recent productions became national chart hits in Bulgaria (#2) and the Philippines (#1).

Often hard to put into a specific category, the Bassmonkeys are equally at home producing club anthems and pop music alike, often finding themselves straddling both worlds - creating club hits that work their way onto radio - such as the Radio 1 and Kiss FM Tune of the week 'Get Busy' signed to Italian label Ego records. The Bassmonkeys are also respected for their more laid back Ibiza-esq tracks such as the blissed out 'Another Valentine' and their disco-tinged anthems such as 'The Answer' (Fierce angel).

"For us it's just about loving what we're creating - and creating what we love! Doesn't matter to us what genre a track is or how 'cool' it is - if we think it sounds good then that's all that matters - and if other people do too then that's even better!"

Dale Askew and Michael Kaye are the producers for Bassmonkeys and are naturally gifted sound engineers.

Dale honed his skills over the past 16 years he has a wealth of musical and production knowledge to call on.
Michael has been in the game since age 7 where he banged his first drum stroke, the drum skills is noticeable in almost every track being laid down, rhythm patterns and strong musical grooves. No matter what style these Guys turns their hand to, they always ensures that the quality levels and distinctive Bassmonkeys sounds are in full effect.

Mike Chenery is a first class international club DJ, touring with Bassmonkeys as they tear up dance floors the world over with their uplifting DJ sets. Last year saw the Bassmonkeys not only play all over the UK, but tour Australia, Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong & Helsinki to name a few, with events in America already being planned.

Constantly in demand on both production and DJing fronts, as well as working behind the scenes on a number of high-profile mainstream artists projects, it looks set to be another very busy year for the Bassmonkeys.
On Friday night March 28 the party continues on will call Miami 700 N.E 2nd Ave Miami
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